A yogurt a day removes depression

2 weeks ago

A study by Spanish researchers has shown that consuming yogurt every day removes depression.

This is especially true for women.

In the study published in the “Journal of Nutrition” showed that consuming yogurt regularly have 30% less likely to be affected by depression in the next decade. However, this study does not explain why this happens.

The study observed men and women 14.539. They filled out a questionnaire at the beginning of the study and another after 10 years.

Taste magazine, previous studies have shown that the brain sends signals to the gut and that is why stress and other emotions can cause gastrointestinal symptoms.

This phenomenon may be a dual process, the bacteria in the gut to influence by their human humor. “Additional studies are needed to clarify why there is a link between yoghurt and depression,” the study says.

Kosi is one of the foods that do not have to share the table. Healthy, and one of the most complete food, it is good for health.

Fermentation of lactose into lactic acid by specific microbes allows the elimination of the sugar (lactose), which brings problems of concern to people who suffer from colitis.

Kosi has a greater concentration of milk proteins, vitamins and minerals, 20 to 100% more. The acidity of yogurt also makes it easier for the body to absorb nutrients such as calcium, zinc and magnesium.

What can be said is that yogurt prolongs life. From many studies it was observed that in countries where food cream is based, as in Sardinia, India and Bulgaria, over 100 years of age constitutes normality. The explanation is simple: cream is very rich in proteins, fats and natural antibiotics available.


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