If you notice these changes in urine, should react immediately!

4 months ago

If you notice these changes in your urine, you must contact the doctor …

Urine situation reveals much about our health, so it is very important that these changes are detected in time.

Turbid urine

Diagnosis: bacterial infection, particularly if smelling bad or cremation until ndejni urinate. Turbid urine comes as bioprodukt of white blood cells that fight bacteria.

Blood in urine

Blood can be a sign of the enlarged prostate or kidney stone, but also cancer.

Foamy urine

This shows that you have too much protein in the urine, which means that your kidneys are not performing their work. This symptom may be a signal for the development of diabetes or kidney disease.

Urine that has brown or orange

This sign indicates a bacterial infection. Blood can sometimes appear as brown. This color change can be caused by changes or liver disease.


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