The most frightening drones

3 weeks ago

If the debate on drones and security challenges that they present was not hot enough, the Japanese company prodrone thought to spark even more.

Through a promotional video, it released its newest product PD6B new, which is equipped with robotic arm to perform various tasks. Drone skills appear clearly in the video where the aircraft through cramps in his arms raises a metal chair, even appears standing on a handrail like a bird of prey.

Droni holds up to 10 kg weight with its hooks and up to 20 kg dependent on the body. His independence is 30 minutes flight speed 60 km / h. Japanese drone manufacturer claims that it can perform a range of services, but as usual in such cases, there were no negative comments.

Many people commented online that such a drone is a wonderful tool for thieves work already or do not need to enter the countries that want to steal.

While others feel that such a tool can be used to abduct children, although such comments were condemned by the Japanese company says that there are people who try to turn technology into fear.


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