Microsoft profits rise 4%, marking the cloud business records

2 months ago

Cloud computing is the future to Microsoft and investors are satisfied with this fact while the company continues to grow.

On Thursday released the operating system giant financial results for the last three months of 2016, reporting an increase of 4% of the profits. Even the Windows software business performed not bad.

For years, Microsoft damaged the future while preserving the reputation of a company that sells software depending traditional market full of personal computers. Company erred several times in the face of Google in online search and Apple hardware.

Satya Nadella’s leadership, Microsoft has found the path to success by moving everything to the cloud’s. Cloud computing is one of the strongest in the corners where the technology already managed a variety of functions via the Internet rather than locally.

The company’s shares are marking record highs in the 64.27 dollar. Company positions were strengthened further when he bought for 26.2 billion dollar Linkedin. For the last quarter the company reported profit of 5.2 billion dollar. Revenue rose to 24.09 billion dollars.

Earnings from Azure service grew by 93%, a real boom compared with a year ago to 6.9 billion dollars. Office services also had excellent results to 7.4 billion dollar revenue.

Finally one of the real surprises were the increase in revenues from personal computers by 5% through sales of Windows software licenses. It really is no wonder that after reporting Gartner store sales fell 3.7% in the last three months.


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