Mercedes and BMW confirm the termination of some models

4 days ago

German automobile manufacturers BMW and Mercedes have announced termination of some of their models, since “they are realizing that they have inflation and excessive with new models.”

Ian Robertson, head of sales and marketing at BMW told Car & Driver that it is clear that some models have its days numbered.

“The truth, some models also come to us as X2 and X7, but also other, but I also know that some models will leave,” he said.

Dieter Zetche from Mercedes said that this decision has affected sales of the models “coupe” and “cabriolet”.

“Chinese expansion has popularized limousines, but not certain models and that their survival could be a problem”, he said.

According to them, it is for some models like the BMW fourth series Grand Coupe, Mercedes GLC coupe or Audi A5 Sportback. But the most vulnerable are large models with two doors. It may happen that BMW remove series 4 and 6 edition “cabrio”.

BMW mostly have problems with the roadster, which is by no means can return the old fame. Robertson sees that the reason of merging with Toyota on a new roadster-in Z5, which has lowered the costs of development of the model, and with the expectations of the market.


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