Conclude arrested five hackers ATMs in Europe and Asia

2 months ago

Law enforcement agencies in Europe and Asia have arrested at least five members of a criminal organization specializing in hacking of bank ATMs. [Conclude arrested five hackers ATMs in Europe and Asia] Photo Source: The Telegraph

The investigation, which began in 2016 by Europol sent five people arrested from Taiwan, Romania and Belarus. They were in possession of passports of different countries making it easier to travel.

ATM hacking is not a new thing and there are endless malware that enable withdrawal of money through secret commands.

To be infected, hackers or get help from a staff member of the bank or buy service keys that can be used for panels hpajen central ATMs to access the doors of communication.

But the band in question exploit another technique. The fishing methods they use to attack workers and domestic penetrated banking networks. They hacking ATMs inside.

Attack of the financial institutions instead of their customers is the new way that hackers are attending. A year ago, Kaspersky Lab researchers discovered three criminal groups which had hacked into the internal network of banks.

One of them had stolen at least 500 million dollars from hundreds of financial institutions in 30 States


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