China unveils “smart” bicycle with 4 giga RAM by LeEco

3 weeks ago

One of the most successful and fastest growing company in China is Leeco. The special product is Le Syvrac her.

LeEco in bicycle Le Syvrac uses Google Android software in a 4-inch screen which is located in the middle of the wheel.

Bicycles is entirely based on technology. The company has installed lasers that emit red light beam on each side of the bicycle, in order to be seen more easily in traffic. Working with a quad-core processor, it has 4 gigabytes of RAM, front light, sensor for measuring heart rate, integrated speaker and camera.

This bike LeEco company is already on sale in China, and can be sold in other markets outside China at a price of about 800 dollars more than the version with carbon frame that costs 6 thousand dollars.


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