The carrier more powerful than 70% of the armies of the world

2 months ago

The most powerful countries of the world are measured on their military powers. While the latter is measured by the air force that the state owns. These countries not all possess the Air Force after high cost they have is unsustainable.

Regarding power, the number of military aircraft, Technology and the last aeroplanmbajtësve US takes first place, and not only it is difficult to compete.

Only a US aircraft carrier, owns air force greater than 70% of the world’s armies.
These aircraft enable the United States to dominate the face of the enemy. It consists of 6,000 people, sailors, pilots and other staff members. With regard to the length it is 333 meters weighs 100,000 tons, has a speed of 56 km / h and maintains 80 aircraft in its holder.


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