5 aplikacionet më të sigurta për mesazhe dhe biseda sekrete

2 months ago

The possibility to monitor your traffic means that you send messages to many popular applications that can be intercepted and read.

In some cases, hackers can also to appear as some of your friends online. However, the market there are also applications that take security and privacy very seriously, so in this list are 10 of them are recommended for the safe use. In this list, there is Viber, the application that is widely used in our market.


In April last year, has enabled enkripitimin WhatsApp messaging entirely, on all platforms. This means that the talks can not be read by everyone, but only you and the person you have sent a message. WhatsApp offers a security code so that you can verify if someone has taken your message through a hack.


Messaging app from Open Whisper Systems that bears the seal of approval from Edward Snowden, not less. Signal is easy to use, and just like WhatsApp, conversations are encrypted completely.


Besides interesting name, FrozenChat offers encrypted conversations through OTR (Off the Record) .In this app you can delete any conversation from any trace, so that no one should be able to prove that he talked to you.


As FrozenChat, ChatSecure supports messages Off the Record and XMPP.

Wickr Me

This app goes further. Enables users after a certain period of time, messages disappear from the app itself


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